Our culture at XCube is about providing everyone who works here with the freedom to exercise their responsibility, integrity, and creativity while growing themselves, their careers, and our business.”

XCube is a growing company providing services and tools for development and deployment of high performance computing and sensor systems

We are currently engaged with our customers developing the next generation Automotive Active Safety Systems providing increased safety and convenience for the driver by using intelligent multi-sensor systems. These systems help the driver by detecting and avoiding obstacles and taking actions if an accident is imminent, they also assist in driving on highways and in traffic providing a limited auto-pilot function keeping the car in lanes and with appropriate distance to other road users. Within this area we develop intelligent algorithms, systems architecture and tools that enable efficient development of these systems.

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Senior/Principal Software Engineer (USA – Nashua, NH)

Senior/Principal Software Engineer:

This Software Developer’s primary responsibility will be developing software for our Distributed Storage and Simulation system. This system contains a multitude of software ranging from high-performance low-level C/C++ code up through the system using MySQL, Java, Tomcat, JMS, connecting clusters with hundreds of nodes each with 100TByte scale storage on servers, to interfacing with Matlab/Simulink and more.

Development of front-end User tools for control of job definition, search queries, job distribution and control of globally distributed cloud oriented storage and simulation system.

Position requires:

  • GUI design and development
  • Java, JSP, JGroups, Tomcat
  • Javascript (Dojo Toolkit)
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • XML (Liquid XML Studio)
  • C++ development/writing skills using object-oriented design and coding techniques
  • Experience with Linux and the GCC Tool-chain
  • Experience in multi-threaded programming
  • Experience in distributed systems design and development
  • Experience designing software solution from conceptual specifications
  • Experience in all phases of the software lifecycle
  • A solid understanding of industry-standard software development practices
  • Experience writing software requirements specifications and test plans.

Experience of some or all a plus:

  • Experience using the Eclipse development environment
  • Design of real-time embedded software architecture
  • Perl, Python, Bash
  • Interfacing with Matlab/Simulink

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Full Time
Individual Contributor
No relocation/ Local candidates only