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  • During rocket launch, monitor all sensor and cameras information from the rocket, the Launchpad and MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicles) to assure the safety of the launch
  • After launch analyze the data to identify what went well and what went wrong
  • Rerun the data to do simulation and further testing

  • Train the (deep learning, AI) system for all driving situations
  • Prove that the system does the right thing and is safe
  • Find particular driving scenes from millions of scenes
  • Automatically annotate data from video and other sensor streams
  • Run new algorithms (cars) in parallel on tens of thousands of scenarios found, varying hundreds of parameters in each scene



ÅF is an independent global engineering and consulting company with thousands of automotive engineers. They offer turnkey solutions and senior expertise in heavy vehicles, cars and light vehicles, construction vehicles, trains, marine vessels and more. AF and XCube cooperate closely together to help ADAS developers prove that their systems are safe